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About Us

Our story.

What are the odds of two best friends being diagnosed with exactly the same brain tumour?  Microscopic, but that’s exactly what happened to us.  We’re Janice and Elly – aka the Brain Tumour Twins – and we were both diagnosed with meningiomas – low grade tumours that grow in the meninges membrane surrounding the brain. The highs and lows of this one-million-to-one coincidence has given us an even closer bond and we’re determined to make it count. 
So we’re on a mission to raise £30,000 for Brainstrust, representing the number of people diagnosed with a brain tumour every year in the UK. 
We started with our 30 Miles For £30K in phase 1 of our fundraising campaign.  Now our mission is to host the greatest Prize Draw ever during Brain Tumour Awareness Month in March.  Read more about the draw and how you can get involved below.  
what are we doing?

Fundraising in aid of Brainstrust.

About Us

Why brainstrust?

“Brainstrust is a charity that believes in a world where people with any type of brain tumour and their loved ones are involved, resourced, confident and connected. They are living the life they want, to the best of their potential, because they are people first, and patients and carers second.

They provide personalised support and build resources that help people with a brain tumour and their loved ones live the life they want after diagnosis. They work with people in the clinical setting to secure the best possible care for people with a brain tumour and they campaign to solve real issues faced by people with a brain tumour.”

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every £5 entry means more support for people with brain tumours

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